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The venom gently stings the skin, which sends signals to the nerves to produce chemicals to relax and strengthen the facial muscles. Wrinkles are gone — or so it claims.

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Good, because here graceful is not an option. This treatment involves a face mask containing real human placenta collected from Russian maternity wards being massaged into your face.

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The skin-glowing results are said to last three times longer than standard facials. Placenta is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals in some cultures, it is eaten and an amino acid called glycine, which plumps the skin.

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Having pieces of porcelain injected into your face with a gun might not be your idea of a good time, but £ ceramic crystal therapy is one of the latest beauty fads to come out of Paris. It promises to create a facelift effect without a scalpel.

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Not one for sauna lovers, kriotherapy involves being frozen alive. Wrapped in socks, gloves, a headband, face mask and undies, you are shut in a levis slimming slim scenic where the temperature is a biting minus C for three minutes.

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The £35 sessions assist with all manner of ailments, from sports injuries to cellulite and general fatigue. The extreme temperature sends your body into protective mode, shutting off blood supply to your arms and legs.

This treatment involves having bird excrement — nightingale droppings collected in Japan — smeared over your face to leave you with a healthy shine.

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Ever noticed how bird poo strips the paint off your car? Well, this works in the same way — an enzyme breaks down the top layers of skin to leave you with a youthful glow.